Iyengar Yoga Retreats Worldwide

Events and Holidays by Certified Iyengar® Yoga Teachers

Iyengar Yoga Retreats website aims to provide a comprehensive annual list of Iyengar Yoga events and retreats run by certified Iyengar yoga teachers from all over the world.

We provide students listings from Iyengar yoga certified teachers running retreats and events or information on conventions and worldwide Iyengar events.

We welcome submissions by any certified Iyengar teacher for their event, retreat or special workshop and by national Iyengar Associations to place details about their conventions or training days. We donate a percentage of our profits to the Bellur Trust annually and the rest of our proceeds cover administration and web costs.

We ask for donations towards the running of the website and the administration of events listings. For that, teachers get a dedicated web page for their event, listing on the Facebook page Iyengar Yoga Retreats & Events and on Twitter @Iyengarretreats as well as a mention in our newsletter sent to our subscribers network.

We offer free listings to national Iyengar Associations for their annual conventions. We also offer concessions to teachers hosting a charity events or free yoga days, so please get in touch so we can promote your listing.

Contact us for more information or join our mailing list for updates and events.